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Register free of charge and receive a code number
associated with your property.

Enter the information of your property, suggest restaurants, local & authentic shops and unmissable places.
Create your Welcome Book where your guests will get all the property rules: check-in & check-out, WiFi, transport and many more.

Send your code number and the link to download the App. Your job is done!

All your guests need
just a click away

Your experience at your guests' disposal
for their entire stay.

  • A romantic place where to get a coffee?
  • A restaurant with local food?
  • Where can I go tonight?
  • Where's the nearest pharmacy?
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What people say about us


Thanks to Cicero Concierge, we have finally solved our main problems and saved lots of time. A precious instrument to enhance our service and satisfy our customers.


Vaction in Lucca

I created my App in just a few minutes and now I can offer something I’ve been wanting to for a long time but did not know how to. Finally, my own App is available to my guests.


Fattoria Laviosa

A really innovative and great idea. Since we started using our App, we manage all our check-in with it! And our customers are very enthusiastic; they find it indispensable. Thank you!


Anfiteatro Apartment