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Cicero Concierge is an innovative platform used to create your B&B, hotel o property rental's App. With an easy and friendly control panel you will be able to create your property's content and share your app with your guests.

Try now a paperless and innovative tool get more satisfied clients!

Quit using sheets or paper welcome books. Choose a professional and covid-proof option to share the information of your property using your personal App!

A 30 days Free Trial plan is available to test all the App functionalities, free of charge. You can decide to activate a “Professional” paid license plan having additional functions.

Absolutely none. Cicero Concierge has a simple and intuitive control panel that you can use on your MAC/PC. All you have to do is fill in some fields necessary to customize the App that you will make available to your customers.

All you need to do is register to obtain a free license and the unique code associated with your property:
Start Now

Nothing could be easier. You will find everything inside of your control panel: you only need to click on My Property box and add your property's information: start with the name, the address and location, then upload the pictures.
Fill in the "Welcome book" fields and complete your favourite points of interest section.
Your job is done.

The "Free Trial" plan allows you to get a full month of free usage to test all the platform and app functionalities. We recently updated our old available plan in order to grant a complete experience also to the old "Basic" subscribers.

Taking on the “Professional” plan will allow you to have additional functions, such as:

  • The possibility to change your establishment’s automatically assigned code with one of your choice*
  • Get improved tools for interactive maps;
  • Send unlimited emails to your clients with the App details;

  • *providing the requested code is available

    For you there is a plan called “Property Manager” whose cost is modulated based on the number of actual properties you wish to add. For “Property Manager”, the additional options of the “Professional” plan are available. More details are available in the dedicated section inside of the dashboard.

    The Dashboard is your personal control panel used to customize your App. It's divided into multiple sections where your will add the information of your property, the Welcome Book and your chosen points of interest.

    The only mandatory information you need to complete to go live with your property are:

  • Your property's name and location;
  • One picture of your property (one additional picture is recommended);

  • Optionally, the additional information, the handy places and your selected points of interest.

    And Then? Your job is done.

    Right now, it is possible to enter:

  • Restaurants
  • Places you can go to have a drink
  • Typical locations ("Discover")
  • Locations to visit ("Place to see")

  • You can add as many as you want: the richer your offer, the more useful your App will be for your customers.

    Right now it is possible to enter ATMs, supermarkets, drugstores, rentals, public transport and parking. You can add as many as you want: the richer your offer, the more useful your App will be for your customers.

    All they need to do is download the App Cicero Concierge through this link.
    It is available for iOS and Android.

    Notify your property’s code that you can find at the Dashboard.

    Of course. Just download the App and add your assigned property's code.
    You could see how your app looks like in real time, while you're making changes.

    App content is live-sync with the information you add in the Dashboard. In order to fix, add or update App content you need to login in your dashboard.

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