Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Cicero Concierge
All you need to do is register to obtain a free license and the unique code associated with your property. Every accommodation facility of yours will have its own code.
A so-called “basic” plan is available that entails a license associated with an individual property, free of charge. You can decide to activate a “Professional” paid license plan having additional functions (optional).
The plan called “Basic” features the essential functions of the App Cicero Concierge. You can enter information relative to your accommodation establishment (phone, email, check-in, check-out, Wi-Fi, animals, transportation and service announcements) and take advantage of the “Get me home!” foundational function that provides guests with the indications for returning to their room.
Taking on the “Professional” plan will allow you to have additional functions, such as:
  • All the functions already included in the “Basic” plan;
  • “Point of Interest” and “Handy Places” functions: you can recommend guests special places of the city you live in;
  • The possibility to change your establishment’s automatically assigned code with one of your choice (providing the requested code is available);
  • Tool for interactive maps;
  • For you there is a plan called “Property Manager” whose cost is modulated based on the number of actual properties you wish to add. For “Property Manager”, the additional options of the “Professional” plan are available. Contact us for a customized estimate.
    Nothing could be easier. You will find everything in column on the left-hand of your control panel: the main information that you decide to provide your accommodation establishment with, where you recommend eating or having a drink, points of interest, “handy places”.
    Absolutely none. Cicero Concierge has a simple and intuitive control panel that you can use on your MAC/PC. All you have to do is fill in some fields necessary to customize the App that you will make available to your customers.
    Right now, it is possible to enter restaurants (Restaurant), places you can go to have a drink (Night life), typical locations (Special Places) and locations to visit in the city (Place to see). You can add as many as you want: the richer your offer, the more useful your App will be for your customers.
    Right now it is possible to enter ATMs, supermarkets, drugstores, rentals, public transport and parking. You can add as many as you want: the richer your offer, the more useful your App will be for your customers.
    All they need to do is download the App Cicero Concierge through this link: Cicero App Download. It is available for iOS and Android. Notify your property’s code that you can find at the backend.